AppTrack is a purpose-built platform made to help you keep track of your job applications

Finding a job can be stressful enough, why not make easier.

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Organize your most important applications by pinning them to the top

Supplement your applications with notes to keep track of important information

Attach accompanying documents to your applications for easy access


We understand that folk might not be in the best position to splash money around, as such, we thought it best to make Pro a low-priced one-time payment rather than a recurring subscription.




£10 £5 (50% off!)

Application Pinning
3 Unlimited
Accompanying Documents (Attachments)
1 x 2 MB file per application 5 x 10 MB files per application
Yes No
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1. What is AppTrack

Let's answer this question by telling you what AppTrack isn't. AppTrack isn't a platform where you'll be able to find jobs, nor is it the platform to apply for jobs using, its purpose is simple, to make it easier for you to keep on top of your job applications.

2. How is my data used?

You can take a look through our Privacy Policy for the finer details but long story short, we gather very little about you, the individual, most of the data we gather revolves around the jobs you're applying for. Rest assured, everything we keep is stored safely and securely. If you're still unsure then don't worry, we give you the ability to erase/anonymize your data at the click of a button if you choose to close your account.

3. I have a feature request/suggestion, how can I contact you?

Awesome, let's hear it then! We can't guarantee to implement every suggestion but we're always looking out for new and exiting suggestions to make AppTrack better for everyone. Get in touch via Twitter or Reddit.

4. I've found a bug, what do I do?

Whoops, we do break stuff from time to time but we'll look into this ASAP. You can contact us via Twitter or Reddit.

If it's security related then drop us an email at with as much detail as possible.

5. How can I support AppTrack?

You can support us in the following ways:

  • Go Pro! You can upgrade your account to Pro to unlock more features, this benefits us all!
  • Word of mouth: Share AppTrack with your friends and family.
  • Get in touch with us: Let's know how AppTrack helped you or someone you know, we love to hear that we're helping people and making a difference

Your support is what keeps us going, so thank you!